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The Kamprad Family Foundation — key facts

Fact Sheet (PDF)

The purpose of the Kamprad Family Foundation is to support, stimulate and reward education and scientific research to promote entrepreneurship, the environment, competence, health and social progress. It will focus specifically on transforming the results of the research and education to benefit the many people quickly and cost-efficiently.

The Kamprad Family Foundation is a private and independent foundation with its base in Växjö, central southern Sweden.

The education and research should be reality based. For example, it should be possible to rapidly implement the results of medical research in improved care for the elderly. It should preferably also be closely linked to entrepreneurship, for example by developing resource-intelligent and environmental production technology in partnership with entrepreneurs.

The Foundation has been formed on the initiative of the Kamprad family and financed by donations from Ingvar Kamprad, Inter IKEA Group and Ikano Group.

The Kamprad Family Foundation will primarily support, stimulate and reward research and education that is conducted in, or serves the interests of the province of Småland and is conducted within the framework of Linnæus University. Secondly, support for regional research and education projects may be possible. Funds may ultimately also be allocated nationally and globally.

The Foundation will offer special support to projects intended to:

  • Improve quality of life for the elderly
  • Entrepreneurship—especially promoting a living countryside
  • A better environment—with a special focus on opportunities to practically implement research results
  • Development, research and training in architecture, furnishing and design
  • Medical research and education

According to its statutes, the Kamprad Family Foundation may also fund assistance to the elderly to improve quality of life.

The Foundation can make donations on its own initiative, and on application. According to its statutes, the Foundation may only contribute to projects not fully funded by tax revenue or other public funding, or if their execution is threatened by insufficient resources.

Foundation Assets

The Kamprad Family Foundation has a capital of about EUR 230 m.

Ingvar Kamprad donated SEK 50 m and Inter IKEA Group EUR 100 m during the autumn of 2011. Ikano Group donated EUR 100 m during the spring of 2012.

In December 2012 Inter IKEA Group donated 29 million euro to the foundation. In connection with the donation a deed of gift was signed for 2012-2016, stating that Inter IKEA Group will donate 29 million euro annually, provided that the company results so permit.

Until the Foundation’s capital base reaches EUR 300 m, the maximum funding possible is equal to the previous year’s yield. Once the Foundation’s capital base passes the EUR 300 m level, all amounts exceeding this figure may be donated.

The Foundation’s Board

The Foundation’s Chairman is Ingvar Kamprad. The Board, which has seven members, further includes Kristina Alsér, Lena Fritzén, Lennart Nilsson, Leif B Bengtsson, Katarina Olsson and Hans-Göran Stennert. Professor Lena Fritzén has been appointed Executive Board Member.

The Board members are elected for a three-year term. Ingvar Kamprad is a Board member and will remain Chairman as long as he wishes. The first Board’s mandate term is until 31 December 2015. Then, one-third of the Board will be elected each year. The Board will appoint all its members itself. The Governor of the County of Kronoberg and the Vice-chancellor of Linnæus University are each entitled to nominate one member. The Board will always include at least one person with financial competence.

Close partnership with Linnæus University

According to its statutes, the Kamprad Family Foundation will prioritise research and education conducted within the framework of Linnæus University. In addition, the Foundation will in due time also support regional, national and global research and education projects.

The Foundation and Linnæus University have entered an agreement involving the Foundation leasing premises on the University campus for its office, and purchasing services from the University for staffing and operating the office. Anna Carlström, of Linnæus University’s Planning department, will be co-opted to the Foundation on a paid, part-time basis.

For further information:

Press contacts for the Foundation, founding family and co-financiers

The Kamprad Family Foundation
Lena Fritzén, Executive Board Member and Spokesperson
Anna Carlström, Press contact
+46 72 54 34 700

Inter IKEA Group
Anders Bylund, Spokesperson
+32 486 040 963

Ikano Group
Marie Gällstad, Press Contact